Subaru Konoe is the main female character of the story. A second year high school student who is the butler of [[Kanade ie

Appearance Edit

She has light orange hair and blue eyes. Her attire is usually a butler's outfit, yet at times she wears a dress, usually with her hair down. She is 16 years old, and most believe she is the most adorable thing on the planet.

Relationships Edit

Kinjiro Sakamachi Edit

On initial meeting, the relationship between these two could be described as "victim and assaulter". Upon discovery of her secret, Subaru immediately went to silence (note: kill) Kinjirou. However, she stood down after the reception of orders from Suzutsuki Kanade. They immediately became acquaintances, and later on good friends and were misunderstood as male lovers. 

Kinjirou understands that Subaru is a girl, and has been more intimate with her than his condition would normally allow. But disregarding all of that, he understands her fears, complexes and position. Knowing all of that, he tries to help her out in any way he can, even if it costs him his well-being. However he feels about Subaru concerning love, it is safe to say that Kinjirou thinks of her as an extremely close friend with an interesting life. 

Subaru used to be an extremely wary person, who wouldn't let anyone get close to her for the sake of her secret. However, Kinjirou finding out about it led to them becoming friends. And at first she was hostile, but then they grew closer and closer to each other. She traversed from being acquaintances to good friends, to best friends, to comrades, to being in love with Kinjirou; by the end of the manga they officially became a couple/engaged.


  • Like Kinjirō, she enjoys instant noodles