Kureha Sakamachi
坂町 紅羽

KurehaManga (331x640)


Age 16
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation High school Student
First Appearance Chapter 3
Episode 1
Voice Actor/Actress Kana Hanazawa

Kureha is the younger sister of Kinjirō, who is a first year in high school and loves martial arts just like her mother. She is a member of the crafts club.


After watching and following Kinjirō and Konoe, believing him a male pervert cross-dresser, attacks Konoe to reclaim Kinjirō, only to be quickly defeated in turn. After this incident, still believing her a male, she has fallen in love with Konoe, much to Kinjirō's chagrin. While tomboyish most of the time, she tends to try and act feminine when Konoe is around

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