Kureha Sakamachi
坂町 紅羽


KurehaManga (331x640)

Age 15-16
Birthday August 28th
Gender Female
Bloodtype O
Status Alive
Occupation High school Student
First Appearance Chapter 3
Episode 1
Voice Actor/Actress Kana Hanazawa

Kureha is the younger sister of Kinjirō, who is a first year in high school and loves wrestling just like her mother. She is a member of the crafts club.

Personality Edit

She is a very optimistic girl who loves to play around with her brother by testing her new moves on him, often resulting in him getting injured in the process. After she meets Subaru via stalking her and Kureha's brother, she fell in love with Subaru, thinking that she's a boy, and tends to get flustered whenever she first sees her.


After watching and following Kinjirō and Konoe, she attacks Konoe to reclaim Kinjirō, only to be quickly defeated in turn.