"Please Go Out With Me" is the 5th episode of Mayo Chiki!


During one morning Kinjirō , on his way to school, ends up getting run over by a girl on a scooter. He identifies her as someone who goes to his school by her uniform only to notice that his glasses were caught in her thigh boots and he ends up causing a misunderstanding when he states "there's something in there that I want" which causes the girl to attack him. After he retrieves his glasses, the girl, who's name is revealed to be Masamune Usami , suddenly recognizes him and attacks him again while demanding how he managed to befriend Subaru and ends up knocking him out. When Kinjirō comes to he is surprised to find he was in the infirmary where it is revealed that Subaru and Kanade found him passed out on the road and brought him to school. After he nervously asks where Kanade was, Subaru notes that he had been avoiding her since the end of Golden Week (i.e. after she kisses him). Subaru states that he can tell her anything but in return shyly asks him to go to the school festival with her which he agrees too. Subaru however is shocked when he talks about his first kiss which she mistakenly believes he is referring to her (due to the pool incident where she apparently kisses him through unknown circumstances), after he states he would rather redo it she misconstrues that he wants to kiss her again and she attempts to do so only for Kanade interrupting where she slyly notes that it had been awhile since Kinjirō has talked to her. After Kinjirō recovers he ends up running into Masamune again where she explains that she was a member of the S4. She blackmails Kinjirō into pretending to be her boyfriend for the school festival in order to undermine the "Let's warmly protect Subaru-Sama comittee" but Subaru ends up overhearing and punches Kinjirō and runs off upset. Kinjirō is forced to walk Masamune to the stores where they converse and share stories about their families and they start becoming more friendly towards each other. The next day, the cat-eared girl, Nakuru Narumi that Kinjirō ran into is shown spying on Subaru.

Original airdateEdit

August 4, 2011.