"Let's Elope" is the 7th episode of Mayo Chiki!


Kinjirō is walking home when he suddenly meets Subaru, he is tricked into drinking a drugged drink which quickly knocks him out. When he comes to he finds that he had been moved to a hot spring resort next to the beach where Kanade is, once again, revealed to be the culprit. Kanade explains that she had run away from home because of her parent’s decision to travel abroad for summer holidays, she also further elaborates that she had Kinjirō brought to help cure his gynophobia. Subaru ends up catching them in a comprising situation and immediately demands and explanation from Kinjirō, afterwards it is revealed that Kanade had told the innkeepers that Kinjirō and Subaru wanted to get married as a cover story where it is implied by Subaru and Kanade that they had an ulterior motive for coming to the inn. The trio go down to the beach to begin Kinjirō’s treatment during which he leaves to buy a drink, he is however surprised to find Kureha, Masamune and Nakuru working at the café and they explain how they were chased away from their camp by a shark. However, Subaru and Kanade end up appearing at the café as well and Kinjirō drags them both away and has Subaru put on glasses to protect her gender from being found out. Kanade introduces Subaru as Punyuru Takanashi, Subaru’s “cousin”. Masamune, drags away Kinjirō and asks him why he was on a holiday with Kanade, however, Kanade ends up eavesdropping and claims that they were lovers. Masamune doesn’t believe her however and states that she trusts Kinjirō more then her but ends up blurting out how he had dinner at her home. Subaru ends up overhearing and runs away upset though Kinjirō manages to catch up and clarify things; he went to Masamune’s house because of her promise to cook him lunch but she then attempted to cure his gynophobia by putting on a bikini and molesting him, this calms down Subaru, although she punches him because of his “sexual harassment”. Kanade ends up inviting everyone to stay at the inn tonight but Nagare, Kinjiro's father, appears to take him back home. However Kanade and Subaru manage to coerce him into staying as well by threatening to call the police on him for attempting to “hurt Subaru”. Afterwards Kinjirō notices that Subaru was looking at something sadly.

Original airdateEdit

August 18, 2011.